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  • kettlebell basic training

    Virtual Course + Kettlebell Kit

    $169.98 - $194.98

    Beginner Virtual Training + Kettlebell This is designed for those getting started in kettlebell training who want to move safely, effectively and get the absolute most out of your workouts. Without knowing how to move, you will never realize the full...


    Powder Coat Kettlebell

    $69.99 - $424.99

    .w-70 { width: 70px } About The Bells Single cast Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most...

  • battle rope workout, learn battle ropes

    Virtual Course + Battle Rope Starter Kit


    Beginner Virtual Training + Battle Rope This is designed for those getting started in battle rope training who want to move safely, effectively and get the absolute most out of your workouts. Without knowing how to move, you will never realize the full...

  • battle rope, covered battle rope, canvas covered battle rope,  2 inch battle rope

    Battle Ropes

    $139.99 - $249.99

    Battle Ropes Free Shipping & Free Returns All ropes are 50 feet in length and available in either canvas covered or braided construction. In each type you can choose from 1.5 inch, 2 inch or 3 inch diameter. 50 feet in length is the best length for...


    Competition Kettlebell

    $114.99 - $319.99

    What is a Competition Kettlebell? Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for...


    Competition Kettlebell - Fitness Edition

    $89.99 - $249.99

    What is a Competition Kettlebell? Add any two kettlebells and save 5%! Save an additional 2.5% with each kettlebell you add after that to build your own set! Discounts automatically applied at checkout! Competition kettlebells are made of steel and...

  • kettlebell form check

    Kettlebell Fundamentals Form Check


    Kettlebell Fundamentals Form Check No kettlebell experience needed to take this course. Learn the fundamentals before you move on to anything else. In addition, get better workout results with better movement! This course is designed to help you master...

  • dumbbells


    $34.99 - $414.99

    Dumbbell Pairs These are sold as pairs and include free shipping on all orders. Just like our kettlebells these carry a weight tolerance guarantee. These dumbbells are guaranteed within 3% of the stated weight. The ends of the dumbbells are encased in...

  • kettlebell fundamentals course

    Kettlebell Fundamentals Course


    Kettlebell Fundamentals Course No experience with kettlebells is required to take this course. You Will Need:  At least one kettlebell.  Pre approved for CEUs!   AFAA: Living.Fit is recognized by the Athletics...

  • slam ball, medicine ball

    Slam Ball

    $29.99 - $229.99

    Slam Ball Designed to absorb impact and reduce bounce  Long term use with durable surface construction Textured on the surface for better grip Available in 5 to 100 lbs Diameters:  5LB to 20LB - 9 inches  25LB to 60LB - 11...

  • kettlebell certification

    Advanced Kettlebell Certification


    This is virtual certification watch hours of instruction and take assessments for completion online. Get access to our Virtual Certification automatically when you purchase! You will be sent an email with your login details and certification access!...

  • resistance bands

    Resistance Bands

    $14.99 - $109.99

    Resistance Bands Free Shipping & Free Returns! Having a set of resistance bands is like having a whole workout plan that can go with you...

  • speed rope, jump rope

    Speed Rope


    Adjustable jump rope built for high intensity workouts! Made using aluminum handles and a 3/32” speed cable. The Kettlebell Kings Adjustable speed rope has a high-speed, ball-bearing swivel design, allowing the rope to move seamlessly in any...

  • dumbbell rack

    Dumbbell Rack


    3 Tier Dumbbell Rack This 3 tier dumbbell rack is made for storing the rubber hex dumbbells you can also find on our site. Designed durability and saving space. This dumbbell rack is made from steel and has a lip on each rack to hold the dumbbells in...

  • heavy jump rope

    Heavy Jump Rope


    Heavy Jump Rope These heavy jump ropes weigh 5 pounds and are canvas covered. Each rope is 10 feet in length with a diameter of 1.5 inches. The inside rope is made of 100% polydacron, with black full canvas sleeve for protection. The inner rope is...